oh pacific.

There is something about the Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic just does not come close. It's beautiful, it's majestic and it's a part of me. I feel like myself when I'm looking deep out into the water.

My summer plans have been naught. Earlier in the summer, I had plans to go to King Canyon, but life happened. Las Vegas almost happened too, but last minute I decided no. I am so not Las Vegas. The only reason why I wanted to go was for Bacchanal Buffet and Lotus of Siam. These are good reasons to go, but reminded of the environment (people and weather), I excused myself and made new plans.

That's where Santa Barbara comes into play. About 100 miles away, yet feels like a whole new place.

On our way back home when we hit Malibu, it just felt so different. Same place, same scene, same people, same, same, same. I just wanted to keep driving up the 101/1. If you've never done it, go right now. Start from Malibu and go all the way up to San Francisco. It's life changing. You'll remember it for the rest of your life. You'd want to do it over and over again like I have done so many times. I always stop at SF. I am not sure what it's like beyond but I can only imagine that the same beauty continues on.


  1. Agreed! Such a great drive. I miss that drive from LA to Portland.

    1. I've never driven on the 101/1 all the way to Portland. I'm sure it's beautiful! I do love Northern California where Oregon trees seep into the border. I honestly feel different (more happy) when I cross the California/Oregon border. It really does seem that the skyline changes once you hit Oregon.